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Se's blog o.O


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the rest of the holidays was great~

but i was very sad when school started... (more: i was down XD)

but now i'm glad

and i see jassy nearly everyday x3

and i'm happy that some people have to do the 10th again



...i wanna drive to munich Q_Q i wanna have money and new shoes and new clothes and and and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhrg 

23.9.08 17:06


i stayed friday at nana (mao too) and saturday we drove to shiroi-con

we didn't sleep much...there were evil shadows in the room xDDD

the shiroi-con was boring, but when we went away taking photos it got more funny


today i meet amelie & mari <3

and i'm still tired  

8.9.08 09:59


oh it was so much fun with dai, ni and fii <333

i love you~ 

we played tabu and were only laughing xD

(only the 6hours driving by train made me fed up u.u')

we made also great pics~


perhaps i stay tomorrow at nana o.o 

4.9.08 12:59

the last days xD


i was with lena in munich

we had much fun and there were weird people o__o'

some interestinf old men and hip hopper


i love my new trousers <3



i can't remember o_o' at home perhaps?


again in munich xD we organized a mexx-meeting

it was funny x)~ we made a lot of stupid pics and talked some shit xD 


i will pimp my bag and then i'm going to search the things i need for  monday-wednesday (i'm going to visit some friends x)~ this will be fun!)


31.8.08 14:46

it was funny with sol =D

we looked a gay porno xDDD but it was really stupid... lol

and now sol drove home T^T


somehow...i don't feel good <__<

i hope lena and i will go shopping in munich tomorrow


27.8.08 15:52


well...i made my own blog, but i don't want to make it very laborious.

 could be because i'm too stupid to make this u.u'

and i think nobody is really interested in what i write here...


 today sol stays here and i hope that that will be a lot of fun



mari i miss you ._. we have to do and talk a lot of shit when you're back x3


26.8.08 14:33


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